The tūī is a striking and iconic bird species native to New Zealand. Known for its distinctive appearance, beautiful song, and charismatic behavior, the tūī holds a special place in New Zealand's natural heritage. Tūī can be found throughout the country and are often seen near flowering trees and plants that provide a rich nectar source.

They are beautiful both to look at and to listen to. Tūī are renowned for their complex and melodious song. They have two voice boxes, meaning they can make two sounds at the same time and can produce a remarkable variety of sounds, including melodious warbles, bell-like notes, harsh cackles, and even mimicry of other bird calls and sounds in their environment. Tūī are known for their ability to imitate human speech and can be quite vocal, especially during the breeding season. 

The easiest way to spot a tūī is to look for its distinctive white tufts poking through the trees!

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