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Night of the Arts

Night of the Arts (NoTA) is a mid-winter celebration of Murihiku Southland’s vibrant, local arts scene.

It’s perfectly timed for a wonderfully weird and inspiring wander around Invercargill’s fabulous CBD, so throw on a jacket and a beanie and embark on a voyage of artistic discovery.

Sometimes, it’s good to have to search for the treasure — not having everything given to you on a plate —NoTA has all sorts of surprises lurking in the nooks and crannies downtown. It could be weaving, a workshop or maybe storytelling by moonlight. Around another corner, you might find fire dancers, ballerinas or a modern dance extravaganza.

NoTA is a family-friendly event with so much for everyone that you’ll never want it to end.

Next event date: TBC 2025
Location: Invercargill

Feeling peckish? Amazing inner-city cafes and restaurants deliver delicious, fresh Southland fare — and gorgeous coffee.
Like a laugh? There's always some interesting characters around to put a smile on your face.

Further round the block, you might discover a DJ and dance party in full swing —folk and jazz notes might catch your ear around another corner — while ukulele groups and choirs belt out classics in the warmth of the city's many indoor spaces.

Painting, all manner of colourful projections, and quirky and wonderful sculptures beckon you towards them for closer inspection.
You might even run into the odd, eccentric character with a story or two to tell. Galleries and museum spaces bustle with people taking in fantastic exhibitions. 
See hidden spaces your eyes pass over during daylight hours - as magnificent heritage buildings cast a spell over you.

You might hear Bad Jelly the Witch's voice emanating from somewhere in the darkness — a cackling remembrance stopping you in your tracks on the street.
Wander down alleyways, poke your head into foyers and inner city spaces you've never explored before.

Lap up the cultural and historical wealth of New Zealand's southernmost city, where the renewed energy of a transformed CBD complements a charming old-world feel.

It's truly a city to enjoy, packed with cultural attractions, outstanding nature reserves and parks, and lively cafes, restaurants and bars.


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