With all its different landscapes and sceneries, driving through Southland can make you feel like you're in another country with every corner you turn. But did you know you can also get a taste of multicultural flavours in Invercargill? With so many cafes and restaurants, this town offers international culinary cuisine, making it every foodie's dream destination.

Here's a glimpse of what you can find on the diverse menus!


If you're a sushi-lover, Koji is the place to go in Invercargill. Fresh salmon sushi and sashimi, finger-licking spicy chicken, generous bento boxes, perfect tempura, and much more. It's hard to choose from their menu, so invite your friends and family to share all these delicious dishes with them. 
If time is of the essence, pop into Invercargill Central to grab a bite at Noodle Noodle or Sushi & Bento, both serving delicious authentic Japanese cuisine on the go, from tasty prawn tempura and sushi rolls to warm pork broth ramen and stir-fried udon. Everyone will find something they love here with their inviting and fresh menus. 


Mama Mia, you can find some great pizzas and pasta in Invercargill! Head to the Tuatara for an authentic pizza made by Chef Cesare. From a classic oozing-with-cheese Margherita to pizza prosciutto with fresh parma ham, a personal fav! Enjoy a slice next to a locally brewed craft beer or their on-site brewed cider. At Invercargill Pizzeria, you can get pizzas and pasta made with fresh local ingredients, giving you a delicious taste of Italy. 


Spice up your day with a visit to Amigos, a colourful, buzzy spot in the heart of Invercargill. Whether you're in the mood for tacos, burritos or nachos, Amigos has got you covered. And with a wide range of cocktails (and mocktails), you can turn your night at Amigos into a grande fiesta. They have options that suit any budget and dietary requirement, but you don't want to miss their churros with chocolate sauce to finish the night. Pop in on Taco Tuesday to pay just $5 a piece for any of their tasty taco options.


Who doesn't love a good curry? You're spoiled for choice when it comes to delicious Indian restaurants in Invercargill offering authentic dishes full of flavour. At Bombay Palace, they bring you the cosmopolitan and culinary specialties of Bombay, the gateway to India, with classic butter chicken and tikka masala curries, but also with signature dishes like jhalfrezi and achari that are eaten best with your hands and freshly made naan on the side. At Indian At The Crescent, your Indian meal is cooked fresh in their traditional charcoal-fired tandoor oven, giving your curry an authentic flavour. AR Indian is a wonderful family restaurant serving superb food. For the best curry in a hurry, drop into Curry Guru for a generous serving of deliciousness. 

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion uses traditional Asian-style ingredients, dishes and techniques to create innovative and flavourful new fusions. For instance, Meld serves pork belly bao buns, Bombay burgers and lamb shank osso buco curries. Meld showcases premium and locally sourced produce and can be found in the heart of Invercargill
The cuisine at Mama San is rooted in street food, using fresh and local ingredients to serve you anything ranging from Japanese, Indian and Thai curry to Cambodian Kampot, Vietnamese Pancake and Cantonese Wok. We can promise you there will be something for everyone here! The lifelike wallpapers and Asian decor will make you feel like you're eating street food at a local market in Southeast Asia. 
With dishes like O.M.G. Fried chicken (orange, maple & garlic), a croissant chicken burger and Mongolian steak, Invito may have taken Asian fusion cuisine to the next level. Arguably, this is the best place for Korean chicken in Invercargill, if not Southland!


Vietnamese Delight is the southernmost Vietnamese restaurant in the world. Although they might be a long way from home, the menu will take you to the local streets in Vietnam with dishes like pho, com suon and bun cha. You'll want to go to Banh Mi at Invercargill Central for a quick Vietnamese fix. Traditional Banh Mi is a sandwich made up of a combination of ingredients, including bread rolls, meat, pate and vegetables, and many varieties are available. They also serve delicious pho because you can't go past it when serving Vietnamese cuisine!

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