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Welcome Rock Trails

There are very few places that offer the magic that Southland does. With varied landscapes nestled together right on the edge of New Zealand, it is a region of contrasts with mountain peaks, the deepest of lakes, meandering rivers, fertile farmlands, lush primordial forests, and captivating coastlines.

Whether you’re looking for day trips, a weekend getaways or longer escapes, you will find plentiful opportunities to try the region’s world-famous attractions, locations, hospitality and fare. From the rugged coastline of The Catlins, the bright lights of Invercargill, the starry skies of Stewart Island/Rakiura and the majestic wilderness of Fiordland, there is something for everyone and every type of adventure.

So embrace the chance to experience the wonders that can be found on your backdoor step, grab a deal and get away from the everyday - Rediscover Southland.

Chess Set - Oban
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Play a game of chess at Halfmoon Bay in Stewart Island

Highlight: Stewart Island

Commonly pegged as a bucket list destination, Stewart Island is as close as you can get before heading in to Sub Antarctic waters. It would be easy to mistake Stewart Island as a sleepy, seaside town but in reality, this is a place of adventure, of endurance and of spirited personalities. Rakiura is known as the land of the Glowing Skies and despite the unpredictable weather, the experience of watching the sun rise and set over Halfmoon Bay is very special.   

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