As New Zealand’s ultimate nature and wildlife destination, Southland’s scenery spans lush rainforests, fertile farmlands, and rugged coastlines.

Surrounded by ocean and pasture, it really is the land of plenty, the ultimate Surf‘n’Turf destination, if you will. Enjoy succulent kaimoana, like the world-famous Bluff oyster. Watch that fish you reeled in off the coast of Rakiura Stewart Island be transformed into a mouth-watering dish right before your eyes, or take your pick from the exceptional tasting grass-fed lamb, prime pasture-fed beef, and the finest venison. Southland has something for you! 


Cheese Roll

The mysterious Cheese Roll, a local tradition that is a must-try for any traveller to Southland. It’s not called “southern sushi” for nothing; the humble cheese roll is a delicacy that requires finesse, an often-secret recipe, and hands well-trained in the art of the roll. There are a lot of different recipes floating around, anywhere from the classic cheese roll to a cheese roll with crayfish, stuffed with chorizo, made with sheep cheese, or even deep-fried! Try a Southland Cheese Roll - you're worth it. 

Bluff Oysters

Bluff oysters are reputed to be the best in the world and New Zealand’s national treasure. These delicious shellfish are dredged along the coastlines of Southland between March and August. Originating in the pristine, cool waters of the Foveaux Strait, one of the few natural oyster beds in the world, Bluff oysters are known for their unique flavour that is loved around the globe. And what better place to pay homage to the mighty Tio Paruparu, than at the annual Bluff Oyster and Food Festival in May?  

Bluff Oyster

Dive into a world of tantalizing taste and oceanic delights when you try a Bluff Oyster! These little ocean gems, harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand, pack a powerful punch of flavour that will make your taste buds…

The Southland Cheese Roll

The infamous Southern Cheese Roll... a local tradition and delicacy that is a must-try for any traveller to Southland. Like the historic tiffs over Pavlova, Russell Crowe, Marmite and more, the origin story of the cheese roll can…

Paddock to Plate

Our lush rich soils provide an abundance of local seasonal food. Many cafes and restaurants make a conscious effort to support local businesses by creating dishes that are fresh and sustainably produced. Swedes, oats, venison and, of course, lamb are staples to look out for whilst the infamous Hokonui Moonshine should not be missed. Experience the taste of Southland by visiting farms, roadside stalls, local restaurants, farmers' markets and products from our artisan producers. 

Savour the South 

Whether it be an abundance of Bluff oysters, Stewart Island Salmon or tender Fiordland venison, Southland’s authentic ingredients provide a gastronomic experience like no other – and we celebrate it in April with Savour the South. An annual Autumn festival celebrating our tastiest dishes and drops, outstanding accommodation, and shining a light on our beautiful region’s hospitality. Fabulous food offerings are complemented by events and happenings throughout to create magical culinary experiences and memories that will stay with you forever.  

You're Due South

Are you a Foodie or more of an Explorer at heart? Maybe you’re a History Buff or perhaps you’re happy to be a Free Spirit? Or maybe you want to don your Captain’s hat and rule the crystal clear waters of the…

Foodie Road Trip

Perhaps the best way to discover all Southland has to offer is to go on our self-drive foodie road trip. Besides experiencing exquisite southern cuisine, you’ll also experience spectacular landscapes, friendly locals and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Embrace an unforgettable journey across the stunning, dramatic landscapes that shape this unspoilt region, with plenty of stops to tickle your tastebuds, and we promise you are going to love every moment of this treasured piece of New Zealand. 

You’re Due South

There’s great food everywhere - discover a new café, pub, or restaurant down the main street or off the beaten track. They say, “a recipe has no soul – the cook puts the soul into the dish”, and in Southland, you will discover talented chefs seamlessly pairing tradition with modern techniques and trends. All throughout the south, amazing food producers, restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and more are serving up innovative tastes and textures.