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Spring Event Guide

September - November

Emerge and embrace that sense of new life, as spring blooms - it’s time to catch up with friends and enjoy Southland’s natural wonders. Let the mountains wrap their arms around you as you explore tussock-spanned hilltops - then sit back and enjoy lingering evenings as daylight savings kicks in.

Weekends come alive with things to do at the places you want to be - cast a line from shore as the tide rolls in, on the lake, or as the river runs. It’s freedom, solitude, and camaraderie, all wrapped into one. We are the home of the ultimate weekend getaway.


Dive in, read each event’s tale told through a storyteller’s eyes and enjoy a sneak peek video highlight which is sure to entice you into coming south this spring





3x3 Cup

The 3x3 Cup will be held at ILT Stadium Southland in Invercargill featuring impressive…




Things to do in Southland in Spring

If you want to see fields of tulips blooming, lots of little lambs frolicking or an abundance of native birds play, Southland in the spring season is a must for any nature lover. Discover some of our top Southland Spring experiences and enjoy the best moments that mother nature in all her beauty has to offer.

Top Southland Spring Experiences

Spring is finally here, and Southland is bursting with life! It's the season of new beginnings, where nature awakens and the air is filled with the sweet scent of blossoms. If you want to see fields of tulips blooming, lots of…

Where to eat & stay in Southland

When it comes to food, Southland's abundance knows no bounds. The region's fertile plains and coastal waters produce many New Zealand delicacies, from world-famous meat and game to succulent seafood and the freshest, crunchiest vegetables. Take your pick of exceptional tasting, grass-fed lamb, prime pasture-fed beef, and the finest Fiordland venison, and we can't forget our humble Southland Cheese Roll. Divine dishes that are uniquely Southland are created by talented chefs across vibrant cafes and bakeries, picturesque country pubs and fine-dining restaurants in down-to-earth settings.

And accommodation is no different, as there are options for all budgets, from luxurious lodges and hotels to budget-friendly hostels and motels. Plenty of camping and caravan parks exist for those who prefer to be closer to nature. You can expect a warm welcome, plenty of tasty food options, and comfortable accommodation to suit your visit.

Food & Drink

From the finest ocean fare to fantastic farm fresh produce — Southland is a food lovers’ paradise. With the perfect amount of sunshine and rain, the region’s fertile plains and coastal waters produce many New Zealand…


Southland has an abundance of places to stay, offering plenty of variety no matter your itinerary or budget. In every region there are locals keen to share their slice of paradise with travellers through their B&B’s, homestays and…


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